Lasso, minimize absolute value


Ridge, minimize square value


Set randomly outputs to 0 (disables them). This prevent neurons from co-adapting and forces them to learn individually useful features.

Early Stopping

How do you select hyperparameters?

  1. Manual Search
  2. Grid Search
  3. Random Search
  4. Bayesian Optimization

Check this as well: Guideline to select the hyperparameters in Deep Learning

What is batch normalization?

It is the normalisation the inputs of each layer in such a way that they have a mean output activation of zero and standard deviation of one.

The idea is to do the same in the hidden layers as you do in the input layer.

Batch normalization:

  • Makes the network learn faster (converge more quickly, higher learning rates)
  • Helps with weight problems (weight initialization, saturated activation functions, some regularization capabilities)
Last updated on 20th Aug 2019